New brand signals company evolution for the future of healthcare, new partnership fuels further growth

Nashville, Tenn., and Corpus Christi, Texas – January 21, 2020 – Signaling its evolution from an ambulatory surgery center company to a physician services organization, Covenant Surgical Partners has rebranded to Covenant Physician Partners, officials announced today. In addition, the company announced it has completed its partnership with Texas Eye Care Network.

Covenant’s shift in brand elevates the company’s focus on physicians and speaks to the changing needs of physicians in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Given these changes, Covenant has evolved its business model to further the company as a forward-looking partner with strong operational and financial expertise. This new model helps leading physicians navigate healthcare’s increasing complexities, grow their practices and strengthen their position for long-term success in a rapidly changing industry.

“With more than 10 years of successful partnerships with physicians in ambulatory surgery centers, we saw a need for a new model,” said Lew Little, President & CEO of Covenant Physician Partners. “As a physician services organization, Covenant partners with physicians in a more comprehensive way to understand the needs and opportunities of their practices–not just surgery centers–and then builds a broad array of services to fuel growth while also advancing clinical excellence. This integrated model is now reflected in our name, and we’re excited for this next chapter in our company’s history.”

Backed by KKR, a global investment firm and seasoned health services investor, Covenant is a growing national network of leading physician practices across the outpatient care continuum through more than 60 physician partnerships spanning 19 states. With an annual growth rate of 20 percent over the last five years, Covenant has experienced a tremendous increase to their national footprint and is poised for even further expansion. Through the company’s business and operations acumen and clinical expertise, physician partners can optimize patient care and grow thriving practices in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

New Partnership

In tandem with today’s announcement, Covenant has completed a partnership with Texas Eye Care Network, a leading eye care center serving Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. The team at Texas Eye Care Network provides medical and surgical eye care including cataract and refractive surgery. This partnership also includes the Texas Precision Surgery Center, a state-of-the-art multispecialty surgery center offering ophthalmology, orthopedics, pain management, podiatry, oculoplastic and facial plastic surgery, and general surgery. The Texas Eye Care Network and Texas Precision Surgery Center were founded by Dr. Christopher Majka, who will remain deeply involved in the future of the practice.

The partnership with Texas Eye Care Network reflects Covenant’s growing footprint and expanded model. Together, Covenant and Texas Eye Care Network will combine strengths to increase access and further strengthen quality. By leveraging Texas Eye Care Network’s local knowledge of the healthcare market and patients’ needs with Covenant’s national resources and best practices, the combined entity is poised for growth.

“Together with Covenant, we’re able to better position ourselves for the future and support the growing needs of the South Texas community by combining the strengths of our high-quality local team with the resources a national organization can provide,” said Dr. Majka. “Covenant’s business and operational acumen were definite attractions, but their commitment to creating an organization founded on empathy, service and quality care to our patients was how we knew this was the right partner.”

Poised for Future Growth

Covenant Physician Partners is positioned for growth through the addition of more strategic partnerships with leading, forward-thinking physicians who want their practices to thrive, grow and exceed patient expectations. Covenant has the infrastructure and resources needed to expand the company’s national footprint, while empowering physician partners. With Covenant’s practice management expertise, physician partners can focus on what they do best: provide excellent patient care.


“Covenant’s integrated model mirrors the changing needs of physicians across the country,” said Max Lin, KKR Partner and Covenant Physician Partners’ board chairman. “We are proud to support the type of innovation and approach that leads to physician-led practices that are growing and thriving in a complex landscape.”

Founded on meeting the needs of physicians, Covenant Physician Partners is deeply committed to advancing clinical excellence in the communities it serves.

About Covenant Physician Partners

Founded in 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee, Covenant Physician Partners is a physician services company that partners with leading providers across the country to grow thriving practices and surgery centers while advancing clinical excellence. Covenant’s national network of leading practices across the outpatient care continuum brings operational expertise, financial backing and clinical best practices to fuel growth.

About Texas Eye Care Network

Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, the Texas Eye Care Network is a leading eye care center, and the first and only eye care center for excellence serving Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. Texas Precision Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center offering ophthalmology, orthopedics, pain management, podiatry, oculoplastic and facial plastic surgery, and general surgery. Texas Eye Care doctors come from around the country to provide patients of South Texas with world-class care. Their mission is to treat all eye care needs with excellence and efficiency. To learn more, please visit: