Dress In Blue Day At Covenant

Each March, during Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Covenant Surgical Partners and our associates participate in raising both awareness and donations to help fight the war against Colorectal Cancer.

Our corporate office, along with our GI related practices and surgery centers across the nation, don our favorite blue clothing and ribbons in hopes that men and women aged 45 years and older will take the proactive initiative to schedule a simple and affordable preventative screening.

Colonoscopies save lives. When discovered early, before it has spread, the Colon Cancer survival rate is over 90%, and a colonoscopy is the best method for early detection.

Our hope is that by dressing in blue and raising awareness for this cause, we can encourage you or someone you care about to schedule this potentially life-saving procedure.

We’re very pleased to say that around the nation, from Florida to Hawaii, the Covenant family once again rose to the occasion. Below, are just a few photos from the dress in blue event.

Covenant Donates 1500 To The Colon Cancer Alliance

Beyond simply raising awareness, we’ve embraced a fun way to raise money for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance each March.

As you may already know, a particular (and also trademarked) basketball tournament makes big headlines during this time of year. And since we have quite a few sports fans around here, many of our employees donate $20 to participate in a fun bracket tournament to see who’s best at picking the winners.

The proceeds from this event go directly to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and continue to further the cause of raising awareness and funding the search for the solution.

Pictured below is this year’s bracket winner, Wes Chick (left), and our CEO, Lew Little (right).

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated!!!

Because of you, we ARE making a difference!

For more information on the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and the remarkable work they do, visit their website: www.ccalliance.org

To find out more information about scheduling a potentially life-saving colonoscopy at one of our many centers across the nation, visit our partners page and contact your nearest center directly.